About Me

A Chicano Poet who loves life and tacos!

Saludos desde Camarillo, California.


5 responses to “About Me

  1. we love tacos, poetry, graciella iturbide and gabriella mistral, and cactus . Love your blog name

  2. HOLA!

    I would love to include you on our distribution list Im a publicist of some of Los Angeles most relevant + historic bands such Aztlan Underground , La Santa Cecilia + more!

    Also I’m a co host on Bilingual music show on KPFK Travel Tips For Aztlan 90.7 FM in L.A. Saturdays @ 10pm to midnite!

  3. hello, i am a high school student working on a video project and am in need of a beautiful college campus shot. I saw the first picture on the page and it sparked my interest. I was wondering if the shot was copyrighted. If it is i was wondering if I could use it. Thank you

  4. love this salad, also you can add cut up cucumbers with it yum!

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