Running at Night

I went for a run tonight. I started at 9:00 p.m. It was not my intent to start that late, but my son would not go to sleep. By the time he went to sleep and I got ready and loosened up, it was 9:00 p.m.

Running at night was different. I was able to focus on the bright moon tonight a bit. One interesting thing I heard as I ran past a small creek was hundreds of toad chirping “Ribet, Ribet”. It was quite loud actually and surprised me because I had run past there many times during the day and never heard a thing. It reminded me of a scene from Platoon where the soldiers are waiting in silence in the middle of the jungle and it is so loud with insect and animal noises.

I enjoyed running under the moonlight. It was different change of pace. However, I think I still prefer running early in the morning before the sun rises.


4 responses to “Running at Night

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  4. I grew up in the suburbs of N.Y.C. I used to love running at night. It was like running in a dream, you couldn’t see the begininning or end of it, so it was like floating in time/nothingness. I did however have to watch out for the cracks in the sidewalk, they could be treacherous

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