Pensamientos en Enero del Dos Mil Nueve

First post of January 2009. Feliz Año Nuevo! Another year, 2009, is now here. Talking to my best friend on the telephone last night felt really good. Nothing like talking to an old friend even if it is about jack caca or the same retread topics over and over. I don’t get tired of it at all. It feels good to my soul. Gracias, hermano.

Lots of things to be thankful for as we close the door on 2008. Most of all for me was the birth of my son in July which has changed my life for the better, given it new meaning, and gave me a feeling that my life is more “complete” now. Don’t know how else to say it, but yes, it is more *complete*. Watching my little guy every day do the littlest things brings me great joy and a feeling of thankfulness at how great God is for blessing me with a child of my own. I think I have kissed my son more than a million times already.

So I wish to start off 2009 by sending my best friends some very positive vibrations and a big BEAR HUG to let you guys know that I love you and am thinking about you, and that I value your friendship. Lets hope and pray that 2009 is a good year for all of us, and that its brings us lots of happiness and peacefulness.


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