Focus for 2009

Seems like the New Year always brings people to make resolutions. I am no different. My resolution this year is to post to my blog more often than last year. 2008 was great in that my son was born in July. With the new baby came new responsibilities and new demands on my time. I thought it best for me to focus on my son and my wife. So I put blogging time on the back burner. Truth is, for the first 2 months after the baby was born I had no energy to blog or to do anything else for that matter. After that, I just decided to stay quiet and really enjoy these months with my  newborn son. After all, he will only be an infant once and when its gone, its gone.

Baby M is now 6 months old! and he is such a good baby. I am so proud of him and proud to be a Daddy! I feel ready to come back to the blog now having passed the 6-month milestone as a new dad. I have a new found energy, a new focus, and I feel more complete now.  Only time will tell what 2009 will bring. Hopefully new adventures in parenting, patience and lots of smiles from me and my baby.


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