21 Choices at Night

I love the frozen yogurt at 21 Choices in Claremont. Its good stuff. This is 21 Choices at Night. The store sign is almost as big as the store. Love the S curves on the sign, too.

21 Choices at Night


4 responses to “21 Choices at Night

  1. hey compa, I just added a link to your site. I love the combination, Tacos and Poetry, reminds me of the taco shop poets.

  2. oh wow. i didn’t know it was a chain!

  3. Tin, thank you. Your site is very cool, too. Although the original intent was to have some poetry on this blog, it hasn’t turned out that way yet (outside of a couple of entries). But I am not losing hope.

    LR, yes they now have 2 locations in Claremont, and one in OldTown Pasadena I believe. Who knows, there may be more.

  4. I was gonna say…I thought the only one was in Old Town!!

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