Photo Series: Camarillo Library

The Camarillo Library is brand new, as in it just had its 1st birthday in March 2008. The old Camarillo library was old, dark and tiny. The new library is beautiful, huge, airy, well-lit, full of architectural details, and full of public art. Thats the way a good public building should be, but very few are.

The new library became an instant hit and community gathering place for many members of the community, inlcuding many children and families. The library also has a huge selection of books in Spanish, and a huge audio/visual section with tons of titles.  Taco Tip: the library is the cheapest and easiest way to expose yourself to new music or books, without purchasing the cd or book.

Mom2be and I went over to the new library on one of the very hot evenings last week. There is nothing better than enjoying good air-conditioning on hot day, especially when somebody else pays for it. Here is a short photo series of the new Camarillo Library.

Little Girl running outside the library

Blue Vase and fountain at the entrance to the Camarillo Library. I love the Azulejos in the fountain and througout the library. I believe the Mexicans “borrowed” the tiles from the Spanish, who borrowed them from the Moors (Arabs). The blending of cultures, and the “borrowing” of ideas, has been going on for thousands of years.

Detail of the door to the Children’s Area. I love the hand-carved wood detail of the navigational compass–signifying the literary journey to come by entering through the door, and the iron work–the arrow hinge and the circle door handle.


The Children’s Area of the library, framed by columns of Giant books, and the centerpiece storytelling area is a sunken pirate ship. Captain Hook and Neptune grace the walls (more pictures to come later). The wood barrels on the floor remind me of those old cartoons where the cartoon character is carrying a barrel away and the barrel leaks gunpowder through a hole in the barrel on the floor leaving a gunpowder trail. You know what happens next. At that instance, Bugs Bunny or Yosemite Sam comes and takes a match to the trail of gunpowder and Boom! Here, the wood barrels are put to better use as children’s seats.

That’s it for now.


5 responses to “Photo Series: Camarillo Library

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I remember when they started building it. When I lived there I remember how sad the old library was. The new childrens room looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to take The Phi. One more thing. I am working on a thesis for a Masters degree in Chicana/o Studies. Can I email you a 7 questionaire to help with my research?

  2. PRM, its an absolutely gorgeous library. You will have to take The Phi, she will love it. They have lots of children’s program’s too. Yes, feel free to email your questionnaire. I will be happy to help out. Saludos.

  3. Whoaaa….that is the COOLEST library EVER!!

  4. The kids sections looks like a book store, super cool. I’m sure your little one will enjoy it when she/he shows up and is old enough to enjoy books.

  5. Two Board Members of the Friends of the Moraga Library have visited the new Camarillo Library. Both have brought back rave reviews to Moraga, a suburb of San Franciso. Congratulations to the citizens of Camarillo!

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