Walking Around the Village

Pretty storefront, Unique Antiques Store, Claremont, CA

Harvard Square Cafe, Claremont, CA, empty, white linens and red chairs waiting for customers


3 responses to “Walking Around the Village

  1. I love Claremont village!

    My daughter just moved to Upland and the best part about it is that we get to walk around the colleges and the town and feel we are far away from a big city, which we are, but you know.

    Their record shop still hads RECORDS!!! I picked up some 80’s stuff I need doubles of.

  2. I do think the proper name of the chair colors would be crimson, not red. 😛

    Great shots. I’ve yet to visit Claremont. I might just check out that whole part of the county sometime.

  3. P-3000, yes, Claremont is a great place. I was fortunate enough to live there for a couple of years after I got married. We lived a couple of blocks from the village. Still go back monthly to visit family. I will be posting more Claremont pictures soon. I love walking around the colleges, too. A couple of weeks ago stumbled upon a baseball game and track meet. Rhino records is a cool shop, behind that is a small workshop where an old school artisan still makes violins by hand. Check out the farmers market on Sunday morning, too.

    soledadenmasa, I stand corrected on the color. Thank you. Crimson is cool. Definitely take a visit out to Claremont. You will not regret it. Who knows, you may find a girlfriend or two at Pomona or Scripps!

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