Una Tarde Dominguera en el Restaurante Delfina, Distrito de la Mision, San Francisco

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The Kitchen

Olives, Cheese, Breadsticks, Anchovies

Strolling down the Sidewalk

Open Windows, Cool Breezes, The Smell of Warm Bread and Melting Cheese

Nothing beats my afternoon Cappuccino, sitting and people watching in the City

The Sidewalk Scene at Delfina

Talking on a Cell Phone, Trying to talk to a Sidewalk Diner

Riding in a Pick Up Truck

Bob Marley, Sunglasses and a Red Skirt; Guess what is in the paper bag


6 responses to “Una Tarde Dominguera en el Restaurante Delfina, Distrito de la Mision, San Francisco

  1. looks like you had a great afternoon!

  2. Rebelde, thanks for your comment. We had a wonderful afternoon and visit to the City. We ate lots of good food, too!

  3. Tacosam returned to the city! Looks like you got brilliant sunny weather 🙂 I love Delfina and BiRite ice cream!

  4. Lo, Yes! It was a glorious return to some of the old haunts. Mom2be and I decided at the last minute to take one last trip to SF as a couple before the birth of the Baby in July. We realized that the 3 of us were in San Francisco, baby was just not out of the womb yet. Great time, weather and food. I will post more pictures later.

  5. The capu, flowers, and food look wonderful. Your photo journey captures the essence of a college town. Eccentric folks, new ideas … and coffee – historically associated with this type of scene. Perhaps you will have to provide us with a playlist of your college years similar to the one you compiled for your 8th grade year!

  6. Chano, thanks, we had a wonderful time back in the City. I spent 3 years there studying so I got to know the City very well. It was a good time for many reasons.

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