Vogue Theater in Oxnard, CA

I love this neon sign at this old movie theater in Oxnard, The Vogue, which is now an indoor swapmeet. It reminds me of another era. At least they didn’t tear down the old neon sign and marquee.  Please click on the photo for the larger, detailed view.




2 responses to “Vogue Theater in Oxnard, CA

  1. living in san francisco i have really come to appreciate all that is architecturally living history.

    more often than not, in sf they will keep a previous venue in tact outwardly but inside turn it into a music venue or restaurant. in downtown san jose i have noticed this also.

    in the center of the san fernando valley the historic reseda theater is currently set to reopen as a multipurpose venue.

    hopefully oxnard will continue to conserve its historic core, i know the mega stores off the freeway might seem more appealing but the vogue as history looks beautiful to me 🙂

  2. lo, I agree. SF does have a sense of history and everyone speaks out when anything is going to be changed. That can be good, and bad because it delays things significantly. I used to love going through the Castro district. That neighborhood always had the best restored Victorian homes in all their glory.

    Hadn’t heard about the reseda theatre. I’ll have to check it out.

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