Heritage Square in Oxnard

Mrs. TacoSam and I recently paid a visit to Oxnard’s Heritage Square. This was my favorite house:

Grand Victorian

I loved the deep color and paint on the house. Beautiful deep shades of olive green, white railings, cherry red doors. The home also has great curved bay windows:

Curved Bay Window

Take a look at the detailed woodwork on the lower porch railing and decorative knobs above the porch:


Here is a detail of the crystal doorknob:

Old Door Knob

No, unfortunately they don’t make houses like this anymore. We hope to go back when the house is open for tours of the interior. When we do go back, I’ll take some more pictures of the interior and post them.


5 responses to “Heritage Square in Oxnard

  1. That is the kind of house I want to purchase later in life; two floors, great architecture, somewhat simple. Better than a lot of the houses here in South Gate.

  2. I just put 2 of the buildings in the Heritage square on the market. The one you like is one of the buildings I have for sale.

  3. were could you bui cerved windows about 6′ long

  4. by chance does anyone have the color codes and brand for this house? I would love to use them on my own.

  5. Hey I love this house I have been inside twice. My sister works in it and its haunted its very creepy inside reaminds my of the Hollywood hotel

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