‘I hate’ the U.S., Maradona tells Chavez

Diego Maradona was one of the greatest futbol players of all time. Maradona is also notorious for his drug and alcohol addiction problems, weight problems, health problems, etc. I found his recent statements about the USA interesting to say the least (link here):

“I believe in Chavez, I am Chavista … . Everything Fidel does, everything Chavez does for me is the best (that can be done),” Maradona said, sitting with Chavez on the set of the president’s Sunday talk show. “I hate everything that comes from the United States. I hate it with all my strength,” he added to thunderous applause and cheering from the hundreds of Chavez supporters gathered in an auditorium for the show.

I’m not sure what the context of Maradona’s comments were because the news article did not quote Maradona’s entire speech. Was Maradona referring to the Bush Administration and the Iraq War? Was it just a dog and pony show for Chavez? Is Chavez using Maradona? Who knows. I did see Maradona on TV at several events in the Copa America (held in Venezuela) last month and it appeared to me he was treated as a hero and guest of honor by Chavez. Maybe the two are made for each other.


4 responses to “‘I hate’ the U.S., Maradona tells Chavez

  1. Chavez gets used a lot, just like i’m sure he uses a lot of people, I really think he would be friends with anyone as long as they don’t like Bush (Like the president of Iran). As for Maradona, well if he wants to hate everything about the USA that is not going to hurt my feelings too much.

  2. Thanks for your comment Rob. I agree with you about Chavez using others and being used. It will be interesting to see if he does away with term limits for himself so that he can continue “reforming” the constitution of Venezuela.

  3. Maradona you are such a loser you are a chaves ball washer jajaja fucking comunist loser monkey cheat you suck as all the comunist like chaves and the fucker old cheat of castro we hate you too with all our 52 states strengh dont ever come by here fat ass.

  4. Marodona is a crackhead

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