Pleasant Valley


5 responses to “Pleasant Valley

  1. Sr. Taco, do you remember the song by the great 60s group “The Monkeeys” Pleasant Valley Sunday?

    good stuff indeed.

    keep up the great work sr. taco. we are here to support La Raza!

  2. Calote, no I had not heard of that song. Cool video, although it looks like they are not even playing their instruments. I know Neil Diamond wrote their greatest hit, right?

  3. This reminds me of a road trip I took from Phoenix to Tucson Az….

    See these pictures,

  4. HP, great pictures! I love the first one with the road disappearing into the distance. The mountains are very majestic. My picture was taken off the 101 in Camarillo. The Santa Monica Mountains are in the background, while a recently plowed field is in the foreground, ready to be irrigated. The intersection of open space, agriculture, mountain and freeway.

  5. woah I lived right by here!!!

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