Money House Blessing Spray

When I was at  Vallarta Supermarket in Oxnard, I also saw this unique item for sale.  It claims to be “100% Legitimo!”.  It is the “Money House Blessing” spray, or “Bendicion de Dinero al Hogar” (translation errors theirs, not mine).  I assume that by spraying this product in your home, this simple product will bring the blessing of money to your home.  Its a bargain at $2.79 per can.  Find it right next to the cebollas in the produce department.


11 responses to “Money House Blessing Spray

  1. I love this spray! It comes in many fragrences besides my favorite Indian Fruit. I don’t know about blessing my house, but it will cover even the worse smells in the bathroom and home. I have used it for years, used to get it at Kmart for $1.99 a can, now I have to buy it over the internet for 5.49 a can. Wish I lived close to Oxnard.

  2. Phoenix, thanks for your comment. I didn’t know it was an air freshener, too!

  3. Patricia andrade nunes

    wo man kann kaufe diese spray im der schweiz? Oder wie kann man bestelte?

  4. Can you tell me where i can finf this spray in my area, I live in Piscataway,nj 08854

  5. Bethany shackleton

    Where can i find this spray in my area? I live in mason city iowa 50401. I used to get it at dollar general, but they don’ have it anymore.

  6. cathy burrell

    how can i find the spray in the silver can, that was my favorite. do they still make it?

  7. I would love to know if the still sell it in stores too. I live in Jacksonville, FL. and use to buy it from Dollar General but they stopped carrying it. They have inscents made by the same company but no spray. Anyone know where to still buy this stuff besides online?

  8. I, too, LOVE this spray and used to buy it at Dollar General. It never brought any money, but surely got rid of bad smells. The Indian Fruit is my favorite ‘flavor!’ Wish I could find it locally – shipping too much online! 😦

  9. this can be found at winn dixie store on the corner of edgewood ave and avenue B in jacksonville, florida, $2.99 a can.

  10. My sister use to send this spray to me from Ohio because I couldn’t find it in CA. I use to live in Oxnard and couldn’t find it. Now I’m in Bakersfield and have a little left and my sister can’t find it in Ohio. I guess I will have to take a drive to Oxnard because I love this spray.

    • As I’d said in another post above, I used to get it at Dollar General in Oklahoma; now none of the DG’s seem to have the spray (only incense). I recently got two cans on eBay pretty reasonably, and they seem to last a LONG time. It is usually available on eBay, but sometimes the shipping is high. I like the Indian Fruit kind, and it seems to be harder to locate.

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