Piggy Banks at Vallarta Market

I saw these piggy banks at Vallarta Supermarket in Oxnard. They were sitting on top of the frozen food/ice cream section.

The piggy banks reminded me of my trips to Mexico as a child, and shopping for a piggy bank at the “Tianguis”. I guess dogs, eagles, cows and parrots now compete with the “piggys”. The grey “cow” in the center looks like a “cebú”, which is a type of livestock prized by some ranchers and has a distinct hump above its shoulders. You may be familiar with the “cebú” already as sometimes images of “cebú” adorn the doors of pickup trucks driving around LA. I am told its a sign of status, that you own the best livestock. This is what a “cebú” looks like in real life:


2 responses to “Piggy Banks at Vallarta Market

  1. My family would go camping in Ensenada every summer when I was growing up. Every year meant bringing back a piggybank. Now I can just go to the local market and pull one down from the shelf as I buy my cilantro.

  2. Pearmama, I forgot to add that every time I brought one of those piggy banks back from Mexico, they would arrive in a hundred broken pieces. Damn those baggage handlers!

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