Camarillo Sun August 15 2007

When I awoke this morning, our bedroom, which faces east, was flooded in a beautiful warm orange glow. It was a nice change from the usual bright sunlight that normally breaks through the window blinds at this time of year, even if the blinds are completely closed shut. Since the orange glow looked really cool, I went outside to “investigate” and this is what the sky looked like over Camarillo this morning:


I just hope that it is the marine layer causing the orange glow, and not some huge wildfire nearby. I didn’t notice any ashes in the air or on the ground, so that is a good sign. Now, time to get on with the day. Have a good one.

Note: I wish I had some “Kodak Color film” or something similar because the digital photo above doesn’t really do any justice to the beautiful orange glow I saw with my own eyes this morning. Or maybe its time to get a better digital camera, or learn how to use the camera settings.


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