Summer Almost Gone

Well, it has been a long time since I have been able to write to my blog.  I just finished a really, really long and difficult project at work that ate up all of my time and energy for a good two months.  However, I finally see light at the end of the tunnel to this work project.  In the meantime, I have been so busy with work that the Summer has almost passed and gone.  There are lots of things that I like about Summer, such as going to the pool, hearing all the kids play outside, and of course, lighting up the barbecue.  But Summer charges a a very steep price for the long sunny days, the heat.

In my book, Summer being gone is a good thing because I don’t like the heat.  Heck, I’ll go as far as saying I hate the heat.  Living in Camarillo is the perfect antidote to severe heat.  Camarillo has awesome weather year-round.  In fact, weather-wise it is the best place that I have lived.  So far, I have lived in LA, San Francisco, Pasadena, and Claremont (who knows where the wind will take me in the future).  Weather-wise, nothing beats Camarillo in my experience.  The first summer that we lived in Camarillo we turned on the air conditioner just once the entire Summer.  Of course, Camarillo lacks a lot of other things but I am happy to live here during this chapter of my life.  A couple more weeks to go to finish off the Summer!


2 responses to “Summer Almost Gone

  1. welcome back to blog-landia 🙂 for me, summer does not last nearly long enough!

  2. Thanks, Lo! I am happy to be back. Expression is good for the soul. Summer in San Francisco is great. No wonder you want it to last forever.

    One of Mark Twain’s most famous quotes (at least locally in the City) is: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco!”

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