No Greencards This Year

I have to admit that I was angry that the Immigration Reform Bill died in the Senate this week. Immigrants have long been bashed and exploited in this country, as well as in a lot of other countries. However, the defeat of the Immigration Reform Bill illustrates one fact, that Latinos do NOT (yet) have the political power to match their numbers. This fact will change (hopefully) in the future, just by the sheer number of Latinos in the USA, and their US-born Latinos. Change is coming. It is inevitable. It will be the Revolt of the Cockroach People.

It is clear that the US government turns a blind eye to the southern border and tacitly approves the flow of undocumented immigrants into this country so that business and the economy can benefit from cheap labor. That is a fact. Then the US government turns its back on these same undocumented immigrants when they want to obtain legal status. That is exploitation to me, and a huge injustice. The US government cannot have it both ways.

Perhaps it was too much to ask that comprehensive Immigration Reform would pass just one year before the next Presidential elections. But maybe the death of the Immigration Reform Bill was a blessing in disguise since there were so many things wrong with it (not family-based, cost, etc). We’ll just have to wait until 2009, and the Revolt.


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