Copa America: Lightning Did Not Strike Twice

A big FELICIDADES! to Mexico for their 2-0 win over Brazil on Wednesday night.  It was the most improbable of victories, Mexico shutting out Brazil en el primer partido de Copa America de estas dos selecciones.  All of the jovenes en la seleccion Mexicana played excellent, especially Nerry Castillo.  One thing I like about Castillo is that he always gives 1000% effort and chases down every ball, even at the 90th minute.  I hope that Nerry is traded to one of the big European clubs where he can further develop as a player, just like Rafa Marquez did.  By playing en Europa, Rafa Marquez took his game to the next level.

Well, lightning did not strike twice in Copa America.  Argentina soundly defeated the USA, 4-1.  Although La Seleccion de Todos held on for 60 minutes at 1-1, Los Argentinos were just too powerful.  It was a Ferrari vs. Honda.  A Professor taking a student to school.  I have watched all the teams in Copa America play and no team comes close to la seleccion de Argentina.  My prediction is that Argentina will win the Copa America.

La Sorpresa:  Who would have thought that Brazil would be in 4th place, dead last, in their group?  My feeling is that Brazil will unleash hell and punish Chile and Ecuador just to qualify for the next round.

Here is a useful link to the Schedule of all the matches to be played in Copa America.

 Too much Futbol!!!


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