La Ley de la Vida

La Ley de la Vida.  Its an old Mexican dicho.  The literal translation is “the law of life” and I think its means that each living thing will die at some point.  It is the law.  What is truly a sad way to go is being killed by homicide.  Homicide is the killing of another human being by one or more others.  To grasp how homicide affects the great City of Angeles, I suggest checking out “The Homicide Report” by Jill Leovy of the LA Times.  Jill Leovy strives to chronicle every homicide that occurs in L.A. County. Most depressing is the fact that almost all homicide victims in LA County are black or brown and poor.

It is a horror to read the report, and especially sad are the comments from the victims’ relatives and friends, like the ones for Karina Michel.  Karina was a 31-year old Latina who was killed in front of her kids while eating at a taco stand at 62nd and Main in South Central LA. I swear, South Central LA is more dangerous than Baghdad, Iraq.  God rest the souls of all the innocent victims and comfort the survivors.


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