Change is Inevitable

I visited my parents in Highland Park this weekend. Driving along York Blvd. I saw lots of changes to the neighborhood. The changes are even more profound when you don’t live there day to day. With all the changes to Eagle Rock in the last couple of years, it was only a matter of time before the barbarians broke through the gates. Highland Park is going upscale. I read that within the next few weeks York Blvd. will become the home of three new gathering spots: JOHNNY’S BAR at 5006 York Blvd., THE YORK at 5018 York, and MARTY’S at 5137 York Blvd. Marty’s will be a “steaks and cocktails” place. It will take the place of “El Chubasco” a grungy, old, seedy dive bar that I never stepped foot in. In fact, I never saw anyone ever enter or leave that place. Maybe change is good for the neighborhood. Only time will tell.


5 responses to “Change is Inevitable

  1. Yup, change is definitely coming to York Bl. Guess the bar/restaurant industry folks finally figured out that Highland Park is a) cheaper than ER, b) does not yet have a vocal, organized homeowner group like TERA (the Eagle Rock Association) to hold them accountable (or hostage, depending on your perspective) and c) is close enough to Eagle Rock that hipster newbies to the neighborhood can still find their way to York Bl, and probably even think they’re still in ER.

    The juxtaposition of these new establishments esp. Marty’s with their minimalist design and closed facades is really striking next to the mom & pops with their spray painted signs, and the taco trucks, etc. I’m curious to see what will be happening once these bars open… it would be fun to hang out on York Bl. at closing time to see what happens when the hipsters hang out with the locals at the taco trucks, etc.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Rex. I agree that Highland Park does not have a vocal or organized homeowner group. Maybe change is good; maybe the new businesses can coexist with the old businesses. Only time will tell.

  3. I have two things to say. One, thanks for the love on my blog! I shall return the link love. And two, I have to represent East Los to the fullest–El Sereno, homie! My parents are from there, I lived a few years of my childhood there and then returned there to live with my grandparents while I went to college (CSULA). Once you are a regular inhabitat to the environment, your eyes become accustomed to the scenery and way of living. I go there now and I’m like, hijole–is my van going to scrape the parked cars on the side of the street? But there are many things I miss, one of those being a huge sense of familiarity and acceptance. Living where I do now, there is a great distinction between the races and lifestyle. If you aren’t white or well-off (translation: living off credit cards), you are *ghetto*. Hell yeah I’m brown AND I’m ghetto, get over it. I used to date a guy in Highland Park, so I would go over there occasionally since it was just over the hill. Lincoln Park was crazy…that was a town that I was always told by my Tata to avoid, especially the Avenues! LOL

  4. Pearmama, glad to hear you went to CSULA. So did I. Inland Empire has definitely got its own vibe. I went to the Orange Festival (I think thats what it was called) in Riverside a couple of years ago and definitely saw the distinction that you referred to. I think the distinction is made more profound in the IE because the vast majority of the IE popluation appears to be either white or brown/black. In LA, you have so many other races everywhere in the mix. It makes for more chaos in LA, and probably softens the distinction. Growing up I was told to avoid almost everywhere, including certain parts of Highland Park.

  5. You came all the way out here for the Orange Blossom Festival? Sweet! It has gotten a bit too rowdy over the years, so they decided to cancel it this year, which really sucks because I was planning on getting a booth to sell some Dia de los Muertos crafts with my homegirl. The OB is cool but once it gets dark, all the Bro’s and their Hoes drinking in the beer gardens come out in full force and the little cholitas with their white platform chanklas, pushing their babies in the strollers, tend to get a little crazy if you bump into them or look at them funny. I agree about the racial distinctions…there are not too many people from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, or Boriquas like in L.A so if you are brown you are automatically tagged “mexican”. But we are also perpetuating our own race out here in the I.E–Blaxicans!! My husband is a Blaxican and he is BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

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