John Wayne’s 3 Wives Were All Latinas!

Photo Caption: Actors John Wayne and Mexican film actress Esperanza Baur applying for marriage license in Los Angeles, Calif., 1946.  Source: Los Angeles Times photographic archive, UCLA Library. Copyright Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library.

In a recent 60 Minutes interview, CNN’s anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican xenophobe Lou Dobbs revealed that he is married to a Mexican-American (read: Chicana), the former Debbi Segura. In fact, Mr. “Broken Borders” revealed that he lives with 2 Mexicans and a Chicana (not counting the workers or seasonal ranch hands that may help out) at his Nuevo “Yersey” Rancho.

Yes! Dobbs lives with his esposa y los suegros! I love it! I can only imagine that Dobbs probably eats lots of comida Mexicana at home. Probably lots of tacos de carne asada, carnitas, tostadas, etc. are eaten at the Dobbs Rancho while some good Mexican music is playing on the estereo. You know, the kind of music heavy on the accordion, tubas and the tachun-tachun. Do you think “Meester” Broken Borders eats frijoles, too? Yo pienso que si! In fact, Dobbs’ suegros look like mi Tio Cornelio y la Comadre Chata. Dobbs’ suegro even has the Mexican-style razor-thin mustache on his upper lip, just like Pedro Infante used to sport. Can’t get more Mexicano than that. Read the connection to John Wayne after the bump.


Dobbs’ revelation reminds me of another fact. I recently found out that all 3 wives of John Wayne were Latinas. Wayne was widely perceived as a great “American” and defender of all things “American”, and even referred to as the “cowboy patriot“. In 1946, John Wayne married his second wife, Mexican film actress Esperanza “Chata” Bauer. By most accounts, Chata the Mexican was wild and a heavy drinker. The other great fact is that despite having portrayed a soldier in hundreds of war movies, John Wayne never served in the military.

Wayne’s first wife, Josephine Saenz, was the daughter of a Panamanian consul in Los Angeles… Wayne met his second wife, Esperanza Baur Diaz, nicknamed Chata, in Mexico while vacationing there… He met his third wife, Pilar Wildy (born Palette) in Lima, Peru, in 1953, while he was scouting locations for The Alamo… her father was a Peruvian politician…

…The fact that all three of his wives were Latin American surprised Hollywood; this was the only “non-American” aspect in his life. “I have never been conscious of going for any particular type,” Wayne said in response to a challenge from the press, “it’s just a happenstance…”


41 responses to “John Wayne’s 3 Wives Were All Latinas!

  1. How strange. I don’t care if either married Latinas or Chicanas, their actions and words say a lot more about their sentiments toward raza.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Cindylu. I am a big fan of your blog. Personally, I believe Lou Dobbs’s antics are all for ratings. He’s tapped into a rich vein that is very easy to exploit, the immigrant. He’s exploited the immigrants just like everybody else has.

  3. Just for the record, I’d say Latinas and Chicanos are NOT the same thing. That’s like saying Bulgarians and Norwegians look the same.

    Many, MANY of the South American gentry were FAR more Spanish (i.e, sultry European) rather than Mestizo or Chicano (squat Indian types). It would have helped bolster your assertion about the Duke, had you had all three wives’ pics up there.

  4. What does the fact that Lou Dobbs is against illegal immigration have to do with the fact that he is married to a Latina? For the record his WIFE is against illegal immigration and she wants the Border closed just as much as He does!

    A closed border is not about racism. A closed border is about controlling who enters your country.

    • Yakub. You’re right, a closed border is not about racism, it’s about stupidity. Illegal immigrants contribute billions in revenue to the United States. Eliza Madrigal, don’t be ridiculous, the author is not racist no matter how hard you try to make a “clever” twist. Just because it’s not racist doesn’t mean now she is the one being it.

  5. Yakub is right. Who’s a little bit racist now? (you)

  6. I don’t understand why this would be a surprise to anyone. John Wayne also spent most of his spare time in Mexico. Wayne was rather old by the beginning of the War, and had a bad back. I can tell you that when your back is gone, you may still look pretty, but there is really not much left of you. Big men usually lose their backs to arthritis by the age of forty.

    • John Wayne was 1st in a line to ask for a deferment, they were not automatic, he had children so he did not have to go many men with the same number of children fought in ww11

      • What a load of crap.He tried to get into the Naval Academy before he became a football player.With that and performing all of his own stunts he sustained many injuries and was unable to run long distances which is required for the army.Watch him post Stagecoach he hardly runs.And if he does,it’s a slow run and not very long.He still toured the south pacific near the front line in 1943.There were probably people that went to war and never got anywhere near the front line.Both of my granddads served and they love The Duke.

  7. thwhitechrist needs to clear some things in his head before he starts miseducating readers about South Americans. Chicanos and Latinos are different just like apples and fruits are different, is that right?

  8. So he liked latin women….who cares ! I remember him as a good actor,when a film is being shown and john wayne is in it i watch it. He is gone but his legacy still in good condition.

    • Why do you bring that up? We care, of course. Not because that makes him a good/bad actor, you’d have to be an idiot to even imply that, but because we find it cool.

  9. Congratulation Lou married to an educated Mexican. Latin women are great, faithful,joly,loving wives. She deserve and had
    good tase in chosing Lou.
    Hope the Latino population don’t listen to
    the pundits lies. Vote for LOU ,Mr.Senator/
    President. Good luck Lou.

  10. So much argument and spite when inadequate people who iconise entertainers get at each other! If doing it do it for some good reason not just to use the person for selfish reasons.

    Morrison’s life and choices were his decision. It’s unlikely Morrison was witless enough to become anything ‘religiously’ associated with the Schuller church of “d grade productions for relieving people of their intelligence and money”” but anything is possible. Schuller and his cash register “Jesus” are otherwise unconnected.

    Morrison would, as Wayne, have had his ups and downs and was possibly a simple man in a complex film society which traditionally encourages people to explore themselves in drug taking and sexual exploitations and provides both the incentive and the supplies.Morrison don’t forget entered the Hollywood of traditional “demonic” abominations of which Fatty Arbuckle was just one.

    The people who owned the film companies were by nature and outlook, exploiters and criminals. who’s greed knew no boundaries.

    Morrison as Wayne pretty well survived that exercise and though passionately American perhaps to the point of absurdity, listening some parts to his last, impassioned, speech which favored the post WW11 ‘world’s policeman mentality of the USA which was by then controlled by the Federal reserve’s new estate called “Israel” was by and large a decent man.

    How do we know, well perhaps owing to the comparatively few scandals he initiated. Personally I think he was ultimately a solitary man but one which found depth in the openess and uncomplexity of ranching and the Latino community. He was an avid hunter but one who needed his staggeringly expensive custom made machine rather than go into the animal’s environment on foot, stalking with a camera as a braver man might. Brave men don’t use telescopic sights on rifles to shoot animals from a distance.

    He said of himself that he adopted a persona and pose by practice and so I thhnk the real Marion Michael Morrison was probabaly a gentle person, of uncertainty in direction, which played the opposite role for money and to create a living. Occcasionally in his earliest films I think we catch a glimpse of the real Morrisson detaching himself from Wayne and then dading back in again. That he married several times and seemed happy to have children says a lot for him as well as for his wives. If I can raise a tear for an actor the first would be for Morrisson. Somewhat like Paul Newman, a good man

  11. Corrections of spelling..I think the real Marion Michael Morrison was probably a gentle person, of uncertainty in direction, which played the opposite role for money and to create a living. Occasionally in his earliest films I think we catch a glimpse of the real Morrisson detaching himself from Wayne and then fading back

  12. Maybe Dobbs didn’t want to parade his wife as some sort of cheap “if I’m racist, look at my wife” act. He didn’t hide her. Are you saying he’s somehow ashmed of her? Sure doesnt look like it. People that tend to be over emotional and go strictly on feelings….and always look like hysterical fools. You’re making it seem like he’s Thomas Jefferson having sex with a slave and is trying to hide it.
    I am a conservative and my wife is from Mexico. I am white, I speak Spanish and have a appreciation for all things Mexican, a Mexiphile is what I could be called. I prefer the company of “hispanic” women. I have great sympathy for migrants and the hardships they face. I am also a loyal American I hold views about guns, abortion and foreign policy that would have me branded all kinds of things by people with a different political agenda.
    The American Southwest has a history intertwined with Mexico. Food, language culture, family & marriage, these have never been limited by the border.

  13. My people were here when the boarder changed, they came from Spain in the 1600’s, lived in New Mexico. My wife is part hispanic from the islands(US territory hence American hence not illegal) What has that got to do with illegal, ILLEGAL…against the LAW.?Why is it that you are flat out saying that being against Illegal immigration is some how against immigration? I don’t care if they come from Canada, illegal means they don’t belong here. This issue is clouded with nonsense when it is plain and simple. Thank goodness Az. started taking more steps…and the people that do not live there don’t have a clue. just my 2 cents.
    Johnny Wayne is the bomb…..

  14. JOHN WAYNE was and will always be AN AMERICAN in the minds of the public…..It is disappointing to believe that there are people who would dispute the above because he married a Latina…What if he ha married an Irish woman,i.e.,Maureen O’Hara or maybe an Italian or British woman…I am a decorated Viet Nam Vet who served 2 tours….and I married a South American beauty 40 years ago and we are still together….As for the DUKE’S not serving in the military–SO WHAT….how many who were in uniform actually saw any action…JOHN WAYNE contributed in many ways whether in uniform or not…..My youngest son is single and I pray every day that he finds a Latina (South American) woman like his mother.He will wake up happy every day as a American(North) married to a wonderful Latina American(South)….GOD Bless the memory of JOHN WAYNE

  15. Marlene N. Thorne

    Wayne, married three non-mestizas, he wasnt going to marry a mulatta or a mestiza. They’re puro blanca and good for him, he just married white women, he still hates mestizos, blacks, and other minorities in power. Yet Sammy Davis was his friend, so get over yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Lou Dobbs never said a bad word about Latinos, or Mejicanos. It wax ILLEGAL ALIENS. I am married to an American Mexican and we are both strongly opposed to Illegal aliens of any race.. It’s just that by far most of them are fromMexico, Central America, or South America in that order. By the way, Illegal entry into the USA IS A CRIME. It is a CRIME to hire them, to transport them, to aid and abet them. First entry is a misdeameanor. An entry after deportation is a felony.

  17. Why u people always tallk BS IT’S ABOUT MAN LOVING LATINAS WTF ..

  18. There will NEVER be another JOHN WAYNE & WHO in this WORLD can ever JUDGE a GREAT MAN like HIM????? People need to get a LIFE!!!!! HE will ALWAYS be LOVED!!!! Also his WIFES were BEAUTIFUL!!!! Too bad I was born too LATE & I Love him anyway!!!

  19. This is just about the stupidest, most pointless blog entry I’ve read all year! What’s the Q.E.D.?

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  22. Juice box

  23. John Wayne was WAAAAAY before my time, but what a HUNK of man!!! Great actor too!!! Amazing that the latest Harris Poll shows him STILL in the top ten of favorite actors—the only deceased person EVER on the list!!

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  25. John Wayne was a GREAT actor. Who cares who he married. That was his personal business.

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  27. yeah well these women were more the Spaniard variety. Dobbs’ wife looks like an Italian. Like Rita Hayworth – who considers her a Latina? Technically yeah but she is like white with Europen Spanish ancestry. I’m not sure you’d catch Lou Dobbs with a straight up Mexican Indian.

  28. Josephine was Hispanic but not Latina. You even pointed out Latin America and yet you didn’t notice that? You don’t think Spain is in Latin America, do you?

  29. John Wayne was my favorite actor i love he married latina women good for him may he Rip

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  31. Marcos Vielmas

    John Wayne will always be my greatest action hero I liked that he married 3 beautiful latrines so he can relate to us . I also wish I could of met him and his lucky kids. Rest in peace. Duke
    Marcos vielmas , your greatest fan and admire.marcosm

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